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Curriculum Design:


By Frederick Nwosu, Ph.D., D.D.

Department of Hebrew-American Studies

Created June 2007

2009 Edition (Version 2.1)



1. Tigris and Euphrates

2. Pihon and Gishon

3. Adam to Noah

4. Shem

5. Ham

6. Japhet

7. Abraham

8. Ishmael

9. Isaac

10. Essau & Jacob

11. Canaan and Abraham

12. Famine in Canaan

13. Migration into Egypt

14. Old Pharaoh

15. New Pharaoh

16. Exodus

17. Slave Trade

18. Six-Day War

19. Biafra-Nigeria War

20. Liberia/Sierra Leone

21. Hibroland

22. Map of Africa

23. Babylon

24. Persia



It is essential to reveal to the succeeding generations at all HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and other adult members of the Black community, the truths that history textbooks did not include. I have witnessed increasing thirst for this knowledge in my speaking engagements as I unravel the genealogy of Black America from Adam, through Abraham up to now.


In 2165 B.C., God chose Abram, and renamed him Abraham. Abraham had Isaac; Isaac had Jacob; Jacob had twelve sons. They went into Egypt because of hunger and draught in Canaan where they lived. Joseph (Jacob's last but one son) rose to position of Prime Minister in Egypt. One day, a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph arose, and the tide turned against the Hebrews. They were already outnumbering the Egyptians, and Egypt decided that something had to be done to stem that. Egypt enslaved them and put them to work with hard labor.


In 1450 B.C., the Hebrew in Egypt working as slaves finally left Egypt to go to the promise land after tussles between Pharaoh and Moses.

They took the South instead of the North, which had a direct ground route to Canaan. While on the South route, a group of them took the right fork instead of the left fork. Those who took the left fork wound up at the Red Sea. God crossed them and drowned the Egyptians. God fought all their battles and took them successfully into Canaan about 1410BC. Those who took the right fork wound up on the Atlantic oceanfront also about 1410 BC. They settled there as miners, hunters, fishermen, farmers, and also engaged in lumbering.


When the English migrated to America and successfully took over the land from the natives, they farmed the land because they came out of agrarian England. When they worked under the rain, they died. When they worked under the sun, they died. They remembered that the Hebrew group that left Egypt in 1450 BC wound up on the Atlantic oceanfront. The Americans decided to go and get those West African Hebrews. When they got to that location with their guns and chains, they forcefully took men and women who looked able-bodied. The white raiders chained the dazed natives because they were resisting. They took the captured individuals from that oceanfront to another coastal town that was about five hundred miles where they built a triage. It was at that triage that they sold the captives to their fellow whites for $50 each. The buyers sailed away with their human cargo to Charleston, and other seaports where they sold to farmers. Some sellers sailed through the Cape Fear River creeks into Fayetteville North Carolina where they sold the individuals at the Fayetteville  NC Marketplace (where I visit from time to time). I'll be there again next week.


The new generation offspring of those slaves were told that their ancestors were sold. Yes it is true, but whites sold them to other whites. Those slaves built up America the way they built up Egypt. Egypt's economy is solid till today because of the blood and sweat of those Hebrews. America is solid today because of the blood and sweat of those same Hebrews, yet the affirmative action form does not have ‘Hebrew-American’ category on it. It only has African-American or Black. These two categories do not explain the lineage that I am discussing here. They need their own category, just like Asians or Hispanics have theirs, as comparatively recent as they are in the new Americas.


When the Whites saw that there were more slaves than they needed, they shipped some of them back to West Africa. Because the slave trade was over, and the sellers had all closed shop, the buyers did not know the exact geographical location where the slaves actually came from. When they took the excess slaves back to West Africa, they cut up some jungle area and set up two colonies. Those two colonies are what we know today as Liberia and Sierra Leone. Today, if a Liberian or Sierra Leonean wants to visit the U.S., he or she will be made to queue up at the American Embassy applying for Visa with great difficulties. America does not care about those two colonies. The Blacks that were left as slaves worked their hearts off and still gradually outnumbered the Whites. When the slaves were successfully freed, it was found that they could influence events in the regions, so some strategists sold the concept of freedom and abortion, and the Blacks bought and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Today Blacks have shrunk to only about 13 per cent of the population. The Hispanics that came in droves have already attained over 17 percent.


Above is only a tip of the iceberg.

That is what makes my clients call me The Custodian/Janitor and Official Historian and Storyteller.

I am a custodian of Hebrew West African oral tradition. I am the janitor. I hold keys to the rooms and closets of Hebrew West Africa. I am available to talk to groups that desire the genealogy so that they may tell their parents, children, and relatives who will in turn increase their curiosity, get on the Internet for more research, and invite me to bring out the rest of the story if they want. It is too much information to exhaust. Everyone would like to be sure of his or her family background and ancestral origin. The Internet has more sources than anyone can imagine. You can now combine those sources with the textbooks. People have the right to trace their history. Other books exist in the bookstores to close knowledge gaps on this subject.


You may coordinate appropriate ethnic and community leaders, and the HBCUs in order to pass on this great oral tradition. Meanwhile, you can conduct an Internet search on this subject and find more information. You may also prepare for annual pilgrimage to Hibroland on the West coast of Africa. Only one organization is known to be coordinating any trips and internships focusing on this subject. The reason is that anti-semitism still maintains a firm grip over the planet. Therefore, propagating the life and times of the semitic peoples anywhere faces challenges. Some nations love Israel and still engage in anti-semitism either knowingly or unknowingly. Within the organization that coordinates The Pilgrimage to Homeland, three individuals are known to facilitate the trips.



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