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"Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise The Lord" Psalm Ch. 150, Vs. 6

Music Training Course

2nd Timothy Chapter 2, Verse 15: "Study to show thyself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the world of truth."

Ministry Training Center is established to equip trainee ministers with tools for modern world evangelization. The Center is equipped with huge research resource to be able to provide up to the minute information for academic, professional, spiritual, moral, social, economic and political development. The institution is positioned to train vineyard workmen in virtually all countries of the world.

The principal of the institution, Rev Grace Freds, is an anointed woman of God, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, a fire-brand preacher, professional and spiritual teacher, evangelist, prayer warrior and a woman of virtue. In the human realm, Pastor Grace Freds is a holder of bachelors degree in Music Education from a reputable university, played professional gospel music since 1982, has two albums, and is the leader of Grace Freds Band, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Music Training Subjects

Course Duration: 8 weeks each

Enrollment Form:  $10.00

Registration:  $50.00

Fee:  $150.00 each

Drums Congas Bass Guitar
Piano Composition Lyrics Writing
Translating Solfa Notation Total Music Ministry
Band Digital Music Recording


Learn the parts of the drums set, their names and functions.  Learn the rhythm functionality of the instrument.  Other areas covered are: Timing; Coordination; Tempo; Creativity; Instrumental Directorship; Drums Solos.


Learn the characteristics of this presiteous African drum instrument.  Areas covered are: Applicable Conga Genres; Conga Slapping; Tempo; Conga Solos; Cordination; Creativity; Instrumental Directorship; Staccato and Off-Beat Patterns.

Bass Guitar

Learn the values of the strings; Note Positions; Major Chord Notes; Use of Firsts, Thirds, Fifths and Sevenths; Bass Solos; Melody; Harmony; Jazz Patterns; Rock'N'Roll Patterns; Reggae Patterns; Sentimental Patterns.

Music Theory

Learn the staves; Note Values; Pitch; Cadence; Treble Cleff; Bass Cleff; Chords; Melody; Harmony; Keys; Scales; Vocal Solos.


Learn how to develop a composition through the use of Poem, Essay Writing, Story-telling; Tunes; Introudction; Body; Fading.

Lyrics Writing

Learn how to express an event in musical terms.  Areas covered are Use of Words; Sentences; Phrases; Accent; Conjunctions; Attitude; Target; Preambles; Main Message; Wrap-up.


Get equipped with the ability to change music from one form to another.  Reduce the load of learning on a choir or a new singer.  Learn to step down the music level to something lower for a novice to sing.  Learn to step up the music level to something any piano player can play at first sight.


Acquire the skill of making melody with your fingers.  Learn the names and positions of the notes and keys.  Areas covered are Scales; Majors; Minors; Melody; Harmony; Accompaniment; Choral Music; Quartet; Jazz Piano; Contemporary Music; Hymns.  

Solfa Notation

Launch into the world of Solfa Notation.  Learn how to use the regular alphabets with their default sounds to make music without sheet music staves.  Learn the simplest music-making tools with solfa notation.  You can write and read music with this simple tool.

Total Music Ministry

Learn the art of music for ministry purposes.  Develop collaborative skills for musicianship.  Learn how to utilize your God-given gifts and talents in the world of praise and worship.  Other areas covered are Leadership; Group Music; Networking Musical Resources; Industry Research, Prophecy and Music Ministry; The Art of Music, Gospel Music Sociology; The Music Minister Vs. The Church.

Digital Music

Learn the new technology in music delivery.  Learn also the application of this technology in personal and corporate worship.  Learn the How-To of digital music materials sourcing for ministry.  Learn about the specific computer applications relevant to music development in corporate praise and worship as well as for self-edification.


Participate in a hands-on live band exprience that brings all other musical aspects together for you.  Be part of a gospel band that parades participants from diverse cultures.  Enrich your musical feels with approaches and directions that are not in any text books.  Add band experience to your resume.


Learn how to make your own records.  Learn how to package yourself.  Learn how to answer when you are called.  Walk into the subject empty-handed and come out with your own music.  Areas covered are production; marketing; image-making; market penetration. These are respectively classified into other sub-areas.


Ministry Training Center has a corps of instructors that have the relevant academic, professional and ministry qualifications, with hands-on experience on an ongoing basis. Internships, for example, will be available to provide trainees the practical knowledge required for day to day operation in the student’s field of specialty, in accordance with God’s calling on his or her life. Students can complete their courses from anywhere at MTC Online.


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