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Ministry Training Center


Being A Welcome Address By Frank Freds, Dean, Mininstry Training Center During The Cocktail Party & The MTC Partnersí Calendar Launch

At Behold My Lord Mission, Lagos, Nigeria OnApril 9, 2006.


The Chairman, (Rev. Dr) Betty Udo,

(Founding President, The Saintsí Assembly, Lagos)

Special Guest of Honour, Mr Innocent Nwobodo, Managing Editor, Champion,

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


We gladly welcome you to this three-pronged occasion which deftly combines the celebration of Mr Nwobodoís exemplary patience and loyalty to the Champion Newspapers through the past years, the launching of our Mission Partnerís Calendar and an interactive forum to encourage each and everyone of you to become a practicing MISSIONARY.


This event marks the 15th anniversary of our endeavour into secular teaching and coincidentally also, the 10th in theological and Christian education. Right from those early 90s in Surulere with people like Dr Oladipo Agboluaje, at Festacís Prompt Academic Success Schools, (now Mason College), and down to the Africa Center for Theological Studies, where our Deanery began some 8 years ago, we have come to where our Ministry Training Center now serves corporate bodies, multi-national corporations, major players in local industries, churches, para-church organizations and our ministry Partners in the Americas, Western Europe, Far-East Asiaand East Africa.


The voluntary launching of this Missionary calendar is a sample of our generous disposition to the upliftment of deserving ministries in our home fields as well as Foreign Missions. We encourage you to join our work by registering either as a First Pentecostal Missionary or a Missionary Trainee at any of our Training Centers close to you. We are plain, open-minded, cross-cultural and trans-national. We do not discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation, but we seek to explore areas of common interest that can enhance the preaching of Christís Gospel at the local level and catalyze world evangelization from a global standpoint.




Age should not be a barrier because we have people like Elder Samuel Adeshina who has done our 3-month Missionary Training course at age 85, and Prophetess Aina Osalusi who graduated from the Certificate in Christian Ministry Course at the age of 75, and went ahead to administer a vibrant church in the Akute-Ajuwonmission field. Are you older than these folks?


If you have any reservations, fears or reluctance, we strongly feel that it is not divinely-inspired, and we shall be favourably disposed to allaying such fears and dispelling those doubts. But who are we really? We are divinely ordained for the purpose of training those who see the need, and globally sponsored to achieve this onerous task of world evangelization. Invariably, we rely on the goodwill and partnership of great souls like your good selves who can identify with missionary organizations like ours.


Feel free to check us out at

or e-mail us at your earliest convenience, via


Thank you, and welcome to our world of volunteer missionaries.











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2006 Ministry Training Center