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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he grows up, he will not depart from it." Book of Proverbs

Youth Ministry Training Course

2nd Timothy Chapter 2, Verse 15: "Study to show thyself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the world of truth."

Ministry Training Center is established to equip trainee ministers with tools for modern world evangelization. The Center is equipped with huge research resource to be able to provide up to the minute information for academic, professional, spiritual, moral, social, economic and political development. The institution is positioned to train vineyard workmen in virtually all countries of the world.

The principal of the institution, Rev Grace Freds, is an anointed woman of God, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, a fire-brand preacher, professional and spiritual teacher, evangelist, prayer warrior and a woman of virtue. In the human realm, Pastor Grace Freds is a holder of bachelors degree in Music Education from a reputable university, played professional gospel music since 1982, has two albums, and is the leader of Grace Freds Band, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Youth Ministry

Course Duration: 8 weeks each

Enrollment Form:  $10.00

Registration:  $50.00

Fee:  $150.00 each

Child Development K-12 Mentality Child Nutrition
Play and Pray Kindermusic Teenquisition
Sports Coaching Reading and Writing Youth Counseling
Church Choir Seminar/Proverbs

Child Development

Learn the developmental challenges of childhood.  Areas covered are: Dependency; Fledging personality; Children's unspoken words; Changes in attitude; Collaboration; Parents' expectations; Health and Safety; Spirituality.

K-12 Mentality

Learn the thinking patterns of different ages through observation and analyses.   Areas covered are: Aggression; Seclusion; Defence; Extrovert, Introvert, Sharing and Possessiveness; Parental Inheritance.

Child Nutrition

Learn the healthy eating values for developing children.  Areas covered are: Balanced Diet; Required Body Liquid levels; When and when not to feed children.

Play and Pray

Learn the Spiritual Carrots and Sticks.  Areas covered are: Inevitability of play; inevitability of prayer; The relationship between playing and praying; Appropriate playgrounds; Prayer recitations.


Learn how to develop a kids' favorite tunes from nothing.  Learn how to keep them listening, especially when there is nothing very compelling to do.


Learn how to provide answer for every question from children.  Join thekids in their inquisitve mind.  Get involved in their search for answers. Learn to know what their questions are and what answers they finally received either from you or from other sources.

Sports Coaching

Develop a knack for jumping around with the children at specific times of the day.   Make sure one child after another pick up specific sporting abilities.  Drive your voice and mannerism into the children and win their confidence.

Reading and Writing

Acquire the skill of making then love reading and love writing.  Learn the melody with your fingers.  Learn the names of church items, animate and inanimate.   Learn about positions in church and develop stories around them.  Emphasize readable handwriting.

Youth Counseling

Learn to go into a heart to heart with children.  Practice one-on-one conferenfces with new teens.  Learn to seek explanations from them, as a way to getting into their inner being, fishing out the problem and advising them properly towarwds a solution.


Learn how to change children's groups into a church.  Learn how to simulate sanctuary atmosphere in a children's department.  Learn how to hold mock church. Learn how to give the children challenges for their parents and get feedback from the children during the next church day.


Learn how to use children's choir to keep them under control.  Learn how to determine their individual choral capabilities.  Learn how to use the findings for immediate ministry benefit and for the child's future.  Present the choir at regular intervals. 


Participate in a hands-on ministry-wide seminar and workshop aimed at tying together all the facets of Youth Ministry.  Learn how to be personal while being personable.   Learn the art of good children's ministry. Learn, cover, understand and imbibe the lessons in the entire Book of Proverbs.


Ministry Training Center has a corps of instructors that have the relevant academic, professional and ministry qualifications, with hands-on experience on an ongoing basis. Internships, for example, will be available to provide trainees the practical knowledge required for day to day operation in the student’s field of specialty, in accordance with God’s calling on his or her life.  Students can complete their courses from anywhere at MTC Online.


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